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What They're Saying About Mama's Miracle

“I wish I had taken some pictures to share with you all but to me the camera is not something I pick up everytime I do a task. My mother passed away in Nov 2016 and left me all of her, my grandmother’s, and my great-grandmother’s handmade linens. Some of them were so bad I didn't even know what color they should have been. I'll have to say this product did exactly what it says it does. Most of the items only took one soak, but a few of the older ones that were so bad the water turned dark took two soaks. I have now had to buy my second jar because I have so many items to do, and was so surprised I could get them restored. I'm finding the best ones to be framed. THANK YOU for such a wonderful product.”

TRICIA J.— MARCH 10, 2017

“…This product is nothing short of absolutely AMAZING!!!  I used it on a discolored (yellow) silk portion of my daughter's Irish Step Dance Costume from Ireland and Mama's Linen Soak took the discoloration out and made the dress look stunning!  My mom told me about your product which she used to restore some beautiful vintage linens and they look like they are brand new!  My mom was so thrilled!!!  I cannot begin to say enough wonderful things about this product!  It was truly a lifesaver for this costume!…”

GAIL D.— FEBRUARY 10, 2017

“I love this product. Mama's Miracle has removed old stains from tablecloths that I thought were goners!”

KATHY H.— AUGUST 30, 2016

“… I had two embroidered baby blankets from 1991 which had a few stains on them. One treatment from Mama's Miracle took them completely out and left the blankets' stitching perfect and the white background so white. One word of caution...don't try to bring the water to a boil AFTER you put the product in the pot. It will foam over out of the pot. Live and learn. Thank you Shelley for your wonderful product and for your awesome Mom who came up with the formula.”

JAN A.‎ — JULY 30, 2016



“Unbelievable product! Worked as advertised…even better probably. Sometimes these 'miracle cleaners' (for whatever) are far from what you are led to believe, but this stuff works!! Thanks”

NC W.— MAY 23, 2016

“My 2 month old granddaughter was going to be baptized and her mother decided she wanted the baby to wear a gown that was made from Baby Elle"s great Grandmothers Wedding gown. The lace is 67 years old at it had a brownish stain on the front of the gown. I began my search on the web to find out suggestions on how to clean it and came upon "Mama's Miracle Linen Soak". It was early evening when I decided to call the number listed on the website and low and behold I got to talk to someone....that someone was Shelley, the owner. She was FABULOUS! Not only did she answer my questions, she was kind enough to expedite my order so that I could get the dress clean in time for the baptism.

Although I was very nervous , I proceeded cautiously and with patience. The results were remarkable! The dress is good for another 67 years and I know my mother is smiling from her heavenly home, as I felt her with me as I completed this task. Thanks to "Mama's Miracle Linen Soak" for renewing this treasured heirloom.”


”Thought you might like to see how Mama's Miracle Linen Soak has helped to restore this very old dress piece/ modesty panel. It was very badly rust marked & browned & although otherwise in very good condition, the colour was pretty bad. I'm so pleased with the result!“

JO D. — DECEMBER 20, 2015



“I lost my mom, who crocheted beautifully, in 2002. This year I got out the bells and snowflakes that she had made, and I found that some had discolored. I looked on Pinterest and found Mama’s Miracle Linen Soak. It IS a miracle. It made all of my mothers crochet items look like new. Thanks for the miracle!”

SUE G. — DECEMBER 27, 2015



“I have a quilt top my grandmother embroidered at least 40 years ago. It's cotton with the Flowers of the Fifty States. I had actually forgotten I had it, and when I came across it recently, I wanted to finally have it quilted and give it back to my mother. But it was so yellowed and stained. I googled cleaning something like this, and kept coming across Mama's Miracle, so ordered a jar. It arrived in two days. I boiled 6 quarts of water (actually a little too much), put 3 Tbsp. of Mama's in the water, let it cool for thirty minutes, put one corner in to make sure the embroidery was going to be color fast, then piled it in, and put a plate on top like the instructions said. I kept going back to look at it, and in about 4 hours the water was so yellow I couldn't stand it. I had to pour it off. Let the photos speak for themselves.”

LEA W.‎ — JUNE 14, 2015

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